PSSA’s Catalina To Port Race

Normally a benign day on the water, PSSA’s 41 mile Catalina to Port race around the backside of Catalina Island this year was anything but. The wind was 25 knots at the start, but the waves were a short period 12 feet. The Committee Boat turned back due to waves up to their bridgedeck. Slacker tried to run a rabbit start, but the conditions were too rough, so the start was: “sail within 100 yards of PV10 after 11:00am.” Of the 24 boats planning to do the race, 6 started, 5 finished. One boat had her dodger damaged by a breaking wave, another boat sustained keel-hull joint damage severe enough to require the Coast Guard to drop a pump so she could make it back to port.

Here is Slacker’s video of the race:

Jerome on Team Open Sailing also had some video:

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