Maintenance & Repairs

Slacker received a bottom job, including a new strut, but the real work was done on the mast. Maybe 50% of the fasteners were stripped, including the mast track, gooseneck, spinnaker cage, and even spreaders. The offending holes were drilled out and rivet nuts pressed in.

The forestay problem turned out to be non-trivial. The existing t-ball swage fitting was riding on the backing plate rails, so no articulation was occurring, leading to failure where the 1×19 wire leads into the tball fitting fairly quickly. Deciding to change over to a lollypop terminal, the backing plate required a rounder cutout and different fastening hole locations. It was decided to weld the new backing plate to the old, thereby using the existing holes and cutout that would also allow for articulation with the same placement. While not elegant, it will solve the problem and the headstay will be good for many years, even offshore.

Now to the mast step and compression post. The mast step was removed and sheaves drilled out & replaced with larger pins that were drilled & tapped so they could be removed with a 1/4 20 bolt. Due to water ingress around the mast step, the balsa core had become soft and the cabin top was reinforced from underneath with 1/2 inch resin-fiber board and another set of bolts. After 33 years in a salt water environment, the aluminum compression post had corroded and fused to the aluminum plug bolted to the floor structure. Seawater was still in the post! With two 1.5 ton jacks these were separated and the bottom 1.5 inches was cut off the post to provide a clean seat. An aluminum cap was welded to the top of the post to restore the length and seal the top of the tube so water would not migrate inside. Better than new!

Other minor issues were taken care of, including a lower loss VHF cable and antenna replacement, and a new steaming/deck light.

Many items remain to put everything back together including wiring, rig tuning, and boom work. The interior woodwork is being re-varnished, a lee board needs to be replaced, and the outhaul and reefing lines need attending to. Solar panels need to be removed to get her back in fighting trim. We’re getting there.