Ship Rock & Return

Shiprock 2013

A wonderful day on the water, even though I was sick as a dog. Light air and kelp greeted the fleet as we started. Fog rolled in as we barely cleared the shipping lanes. A ship gave the fleet a few honks, but he had everyone on radar. Slacker managed to drop her spinnaker in the water after dark as yours truly forgot to release the tack before dropping the halyard! I guess not sailing for 5 months will cause rust.

Slacker Tracker

Tomorrow’s Ship Rock & Return Race tomorrow will have 15 boats, including some very fast ones: Airwaves, a Beneteau 50, and Foregiveness, a J/124. Surprisingly 10 are singlehanded, a large turnout for this class. The weather is not cooperating, though. it will be in very light air and maybe some rain showers. Likely a late finish tomorrow night. Many boats will have trackers, including Slacker, so you can follow the race via the Kattack system here.

I’ll get some photos while I’m out there.

By the way, Slacker’s Tracking page will always be available here.