Cortez Bank

The  spectacle and wonder of the Cortez Bank was exposed for those few who ventured briefly there. Intense and glorious with power, tall breaking waves hurled boats and stomachs with glee. Such conditions Slacker had not seen, suffering a mild knock down to ensure a cold wet misery. Racing turned to staying warm and getting home.

Reason does not abide such recklessness. Yet within some burns the spirit to experience and accomplish the unusual. My friend and fellow PSSA Board Member Ed Webber passed away last week.   I am deeply saddened that Ed did not get to have the glory of the Cortez Bank in his wake.

Grace on her way South

Grace on her way South



Bishop Rock Race

Bishop Rock Race starts tomorrow, 3pm. 165 miles, weather looks decent: no hail or waterspouts in the forecast, but probably pretty lumpy. Really looking forward to it. You can keep up with the race at as 10 of the 12 boats will have trackers. Slacker’s tracking page is also available. Slacker may decide to slack over on Catalina for an extra day on Monday.