MDR-King Harbor-Palos Verdes-MDR


Chuck Spear driving his J105 Twelve Bar Blues right over Slacker

Thriller Tracee

Tracee trimming the genoa on the T-10 Thriller. Her backstay is off, and genoa halyard loose for fullness in the light reaching conditions.


The fog lifted just in time for the start with a wonderful fleet of about 15 boats. Funny how we had to blow fog horns to find each other in the mist & run the Rabbit. Light conditions persisted, but the course dictated a lot of close reaching keeping speeds up. The wind was also shifty, requiring almost continuous trimming of both sails. Too bad as I didn’t get much chance to relax. The spinnaker went up twice, once with success over to KH and once losing ground getting back to MDR. Slacker had a good day finishing 3rd over the line behind 12 Bar Blues and the J120 Felicita, despite picking up kelp on the way back from PV.