Getting the Rust Off

Not being aboard for 3 months and wondering if Slacker would make it out of the slip, I arrived at 8:30am to find filthy dirty decks. Before the rum could be stowed, a can of Barkeepers Friend was expended to detox the deck. Then behold! The engine started! Autopilot didn’t. Debugging while motoring to the start ensured no prep time to remember what was what before the start but soon Slacker was off towards Ship Rock.

Keeping moving in the light air was the order of the day – and night. More breeze to the west, but it took time to get out there. Kelp was everywhere off PV, but Slacker only had to back down once. Wind built up to 10 knots or so in the Channel, and the boats raced at 6 knots to within 0.5 mile of Ship Rock where we abruptly stopped. There was a effectively restart. All the boats I had worked to pass soon pulled even: Janina, Critter, Grace, Rubicon all pulled alongside as we waited for propulsion as the sun started to set.

Lights moved left and right, forward and back through the beautiful evening. Left of Rhumb line was the place to be. 2 knots of wind is much better than 1!   The light air demon Rubicon slid past Slacker in the last 2 miles or so to take line honors. Race replay available here.
Rust off. Ready for Bishop in a few weeks.