Guadalupe Island

Here’s how to round Guadalupe Island:
– Make sure to run out of wind as you approach. For best results, keep your spinnaker up to ensure you get a wrap. In the event you have a spinnaker net, get it tangled and take 47 minutes to cut it loose.
– Take your spinnaker down 10 miles early you don’t want to miss the sights while you drift downwind with your jib as you pretend to race.
– When rounding the Southern end, drift aimlessly for 6 hours in no wind to let everyone catch up.
– When the wind fills in, make sure it’s at least 35 knots. No one wants to go upwind with more than a storm jib.

Slacker sought shelter today at the North end of the island to wait for the weather to improve. All OK aboard Slacker, just more than I and my boat wanted to deal with today. Actually really nice here. Will post photos soon.

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