Pointa del Norte

Way overpowered with only the small jib up, I considered my options. Keep going, break things, get wet, maybe worse. Heave to.and wait for conditions to improve, head for shelter just a few miles away, just.south of the dramatic northern point of Guadalupe Island.

I chose option C.

The Cove was very sheltered from the waves, not so the wind. The experience was akin to Cuyler Harbor on San Miguel. The winds at either location have to be experienced to be believed. My Danforth type Fortress anchor wouldn’t hold on the rocky bottom. I dragged multiple times but took care to never anchor near a lee shore.

After a restless night with the anchor alarm, Slacker departed around 8th for Catalina. Rubicon and Grace gutted out the conditions and are well ahead, but I am in cruising mode getting lost in Mark More’s The Norman Conquest.

190 miles to Catalina.

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