Slacker heading to Chile!

Diego, Alejandro & Antonio

My new Chilean friends: Diego, Alejandro, and Antonio! The solar panels are back on for her trip south.

Slacker has been officially sold, but it’s not the end of her adventures. She will be departing Marina Del Rey in a few weeks, doublehanding¬†to Caldera, Chile in the Southern Hemisphere. Even more amazing, it looks like Thriller will be joining Slacker to her new home, either over the summer or next year! It appears there will be a small fleet of T10’s forming there. I will be loaning the new owner the Slacker Tracker, so we can watch his progress south.

We had a lovely sea trial yesterday: Slacker felt comfortable and fast. Sadness comes for me with her departure. There are many, many good memories.

And now I am boatless.