Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove 72713

Paradise Cove

Sailed up to Paradise Cove, just in the lee of Pt. Dume in Mailbu yesterday. Would make a lovely spot to BBQ off the transom some Saturday night.

Leaving Hanalei

Heading out this morning. Feels good to be heading home. Much love in the room at the awards dinner with everyone very gracious. Everyone really is a winner who does this race.

I’ll be leaving Hanalei in a few minutes after breakfast and stowing things more properly. I have Jerome’s new stolen-recovered outboard with onboard, So I need to find a good place for it. Conditions looks pleasant for the first 24 hours, then tougher as the breeze builds for a few days.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to see Deone and the kids. It’s been a long time already.

Team Open Sailing

Team Open Sailing Flying Home

Caught a great shot of Jerome Sammarcelli’s Team Open Sailing on the way back from Avalon after the Catalina to Port Race.  You would never believe there was only 5 knots of wind!